I am a stained glass artist who also loves the technical medium of code. I particularly like to create responsive websites because of their fluid and changeable qualities, as well as the practical way that they benefit users on a multitude of devices and platforms. I embrace the web as a medium with its own idiosyncratic nature that needs to serve as many people as possible in a variety of contexts.

My artist side also affords me an eye for detail that gives me a special sensitivity when bringing design ideas to life on the web.

My work in the field, as well as my own craft sensibilities, has led me to appreciate taking a sound approach to making websites, paying special attention to how I design my code.  I aim to use the highest web standards, keeping an eye toward the fast and lightweight, while also enacting the best practices possible when creating WordPress themes. These standards help me to create quality sites that are solidly built and easy for the client to use and maintain.